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There is a street in Voronezh, near Blagovetschenskiy cathedral, called Koltsovskaya Street which was named after the famous poet. Every morning there flower girls open their stands filling the air with heady smell of roses, violets and irises; it’s where the author’s hotel “Bronze boar” is situated. Soft sunlight flows through the windows; the hotel looks like it’s lept from the pages of a fairytale transforming the town image.

We can only guess how much the hotel “Bronzovy Kaban” has seen through the years since its foundation in 1826.

It’s an incredible view when every other passerby looks at the front and an involuntary smile creeps on their faces when they see the beauty and security of its walls.

The hotel doors are always open: when it’s cold and frosty the guests can find comfort and peace, and in scorching summer day - rest and freshness. Every guest is welcomed with a smile from our staff; our fairy maids mindfully look after the cleanliness of the rooms, and the delicious food expertly cooked by our skilfull chef will lure you to the cafe.

If you are alone or with friends, sauna in “Bronzovy Kaban” can always uplift the atmosphere and melt even the most gloomy heart. And the rooms will make your heart beat faster with their bold interior.


“...Every newcomer will find this place with ease: you only have to mention the bronze boar to a passerby and they will show you the way.”

Hans Christian Andersen


We have carefully kept the details that convey the spirit and atmosphere of the 19th century when remodeling and decorating the building: it's brickwork and decor elements, in particular  tiles of the 19th century what were made by major Russian industrialist Bermengeymom, wooden beams and floors. Here, time seems to have stopped and allows to enjoy the peace and quiet of reliable ancient walls ...

Story of a title

When we went into the project, we have been invented business name hotel chains "Andersen" - the name is universally known writer and storyteller. However, subsequently, a number of reasons and if you want to leave the "fabulous" name and keep the same spirit has been replaced by "Bronze boar" and partly due to the fact that this tale was the first product officially printed in pre-revolutionary Russia in the 18th. . in the journal "Sovremennik".
Our hotel is the first author's hotel in Russia. He is the first hotel in Voronezh, located in the architectural monument of the 19th century, which has been renovated and adapted to modern use

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